How To Write Messages So Good, You’ll Have To Make A Waiting List.

(And The Top 2 Problems That Are Scaring Your Most Profitable Customers Away.)

My name is Anthony Santiago.


And for the past 7 years, I’ve been tasked with writing words that sell by over 1,000 businesses around the world.


I’m going to put a nice picture of myself below.


Me and my Son

I’ve written copy that has made a lot of money.

My copy has generated results like:

  • Lead costs dropped by over 80% – while flooding their calendar with happy clients.

  • 13x ROI from cold traffic for a $7k offer. ($3,000 in ad spend, $42,000 in revenue)

  • 10x ROI the first day of running ads for an e-commerce product (every $1 they spent on ads, yielded $10 back in revenue.)

…and more.


This isn’t meant to come across as “I’m tHe GrEatEst CoPyWritER evErrrrr”….


It’s to show I know what I’m doing. And if you stick with me, I’ll reveal a few techniques that you can swipe.


And if this gives you clarity (and or gets you amazing results) – you’ll be much more likely to hire me.

That’s my evil plan.

If there’s anything I’ve learned, there is a right and wrong way to promote your products and services with words.

You don’t gotta take my word for it.


Consider this quote from Sabri Suby.


“You see, after coming into contact with tens of thousands of business owners every month and speaking with thousands from all over the world, I’ve noticed that not even 1% of businesses put together advertising that builds any kind of a case for a prospect to want to buy their products or services. Instead, it just fires features and benefits at the prospect, serving no more purpose than to announce, ‘We exist, so buy our stuff’, instead of giving a compelling reason why they should do business with you.”


Sabri Suby – Excerpt from ‘Sell Like Crazy’

Funnily enough, this is one of the main reasons so many campaigns are doomed before they’ve been published.

Their message practically BEGS people NOT to BUY from them!

…which is a shame.

If you’re reading this, you probably have a good product. But you aren’t quite getting the results you want from your messages.

So you’re stuck with:

  • Expensive leads — making it impossible to scale.
  • Poor quality leads — making it hard to sell more.
  • Ads that do well one day then crash the next — making it hard to reach consistent numbers.

So your amazing product, well, it doesn’t sell as much as it should.

And that sucks.

Perhaps you’re getting profitable results, but don’t know how to sell MORE of your product. You’ve plateaued.

In either case, this guide will shed light on what to do.

Here’s problem #1 (and how to fix it)

What people buy ISN’T your product.

It’s the outcome of your product.

Think about it.

When YOU personally buy something, are you excited about the product? Or the OUTCOME the product provides?

When you buy a collectible, you’re satisfying your desire to have that collectible exist in your house.

And that makes you happy. Maybe nostalgic.

That’s what you’re buying ^.

Not the collectible.

The collectible exists as a vehicle to metaphorically drive you to where you want to go.

This same logic can be applied to any product.

-We don’t buy Rubik’s Cubes to have them sit around. We like the challenge of solving them. For some, it makes them feel accomplished to learn how to solve it.

-We don’t buy Nintendo Switches because they’re pretty. We get satisfaction from crushing our friends and family at Mario Kart. (those blasted blue shells can kiss my…)

So here’s the problem.

The vast majority of businesses are promoting PRODUCTS.

And statistically, only 3% of any given market is ready to buy right now.

Refer to the ‘Pie Chart Of Doom’ below.


Here’s what this MEANS in practice…


If you’re running your ads (or promoting anything like this really.)


It only appeals to a tiny percentage of the market. And they’ve already made up their minds. Perhaps they’re comparing solutions.


So you’re at an immediate disadvantage.


Afterall: People buy for their own reasons. Not your reasons.

And realistically, you can’t make anyone do anything. Not without serious consequences, anyway.


Now you might be thinking…


“Well Anthony, Coca Cola is running product based ads! I need to model success!”


That’s great. But they also make billions of dollars and have a marketing budget that could stretch all the way to Mars in $1 bills.


These huge companies can bulldoze their way to the top. 


Chances are, you can’t.


Everyone also knows who they are already. So they don’t need to put any time into forging a relationship with their market.


Chances are, you do.


Once you have that relationship, the copy targeted towards your existing buyers and hot traffic becomes less about them and more about what your offer can do for them. (eg. they already know like and trust you, and just need to know the details.)


The problem arises when you assume they know like and trust you. Which most businesses are doing with their copy.


Simply put: You need a better message that appeals to more of the market when you’re targeting cold traffic.


Here’s how you do it:


There is a reason (or a set of reasons) that your market wants the outcomes you provide.

(Remember…this isn’t about the product.)


If your market had it their way…they could wave a magic wand and immediately have everything they’ve ever wanted.


The next best thing is a reliable path that can get them there.


And that path? It’s your offer.


But to get in front of them, you need to understand three very specific things:


-Where they are right now. (their problems, desires, current reality, day-to-day, what keeps them up at night, etc.)

-Where they want to go. (what their life will be like when their problems are solved / desires are met.)

-Why it’s important they get there. (the reasons they want the destination – where they want to go.)


Once you have these three elements, the copy practically writes itself.


Problem: Product based messaging only appeals to 3% of the market.

Solution: Re-write your copy to be more about your MARKET and why they want your stuff in the first place.


Your copy (for cold traffic) should 

-meet them where they are at

-paint a picture of where they want to go

-tap into why it’s important they get there

-and frame your offer as the connection between where they are right now and where they want to go.

Here’s an example of a script I wrote. This is the aforementioned copy that generated at least $42k with $3k ad spend.

Here’s problem #2 (and how to fix it)

Unless you have cold hard data, you’re guessing.


And when you guess, there’s lots of testing required.


This is a crappy way to write copy, because it’s time consuming AND expensive if you’re running ads.


If you don’t have customers – or, you have customers but don’t know the 3 main points in problem #1 – now is a perfect time to figure this out.


If you don’t have customers, identify where your market is and see what they’re saying and feeling. This can be reddit, product reviews, book reviews, etc. The information is out there…look for it!

If you do have customers, SURVEY them. Get a clear picture of why they buy your stuff. Outline their characteristics of what their life was like before getting your offer, and how their life was affected after getting your offer.


^ You might be thinking…


“Well Anthony, it’s not that deep. I sell FOOD. It’s not exactly life-changing.”


…to which I would say.


So? There is still a reason they buy. There’s an outcome they want. Your food satisfies a desire and probably solves a problem.


So the problem ISN’T these elements don’t exist. You’ve just gotten caught in the “this doesn’t apply to me trap.”


These annoying (yet effective) commercials are how you sell food:



In this ad, Cheetos is appealing to people who want something NEW and DIFFERENT (in other words…meets them where they are at…paints a picture of a delicious meal….and connects it to Cheetos mac n’ cheese. What a legend)


Problem: You don’t know your market. (or don’t know it well enough.)

Solution: Do some market research.


There is more that goes into this, but if you got some value out of this, drop me an email at anthony@customaura.com .


Don’t want to figure all of this out yourself?


I’ve spent the last 7 years of my life mastering this stuff, so you don’t have to.


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