Meet Anthony "The Sidechain Copywriter"

Anthony Santiago is the man in charge of all copy assembled in the company.

Throughout the years, he has worked with over 3,000 projects around the world, in every niche imaginable. (yes, even “more adult” niches.)

He got his start as a modest Fiverr seller, offering ad copy for just $5 a pop. Nobody could’ve predicted that the gig would blow up and go viral.

Within a month he was getting dozens of orders, with an average of 3 orders placed a day. He had to raise his prices multiple times to slow orders down!

Big companies started to notice and take his copy for a spin. Companies such as Moomoo, Xe, and Bold CEO.

The rest as they say…is history! Now he helps companies in the music industry sell more stuff – through words that cut through the noise like a sidechain.

Here’s everything you need to know about him in a nutshell.

  • He’s a big nerd. Spends too many hours programming, playing and studying video games, solving twisty puzzles, and getting immersed in world-building.
  • Is an intuitive writing enthusiast. Has written stories since he was a child, producing his first short story at 12 years of age. (It was a short science fiction thriller about the Bermuda Triangle.)
  • Has a wide technical and creative skillset. Skilled in multiple disciplines, including programming, storytelling, copywriting, and music.
    • He has two albums and a single that you can listen to on Spotify(A dot M)

brands written for

Picture Your Day Photography

…and hundreds of others in hundreds of niches.

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Projects Completed
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Years Of Experience

Alonzo B. Slater, a talented actor who starred in A Christmas Family Reunion, Upshaws (Netflix) and Grownish (Freeform), talks about how we helped him launch his acting course, coaching program, and e-book.

Umar Ahmed, founder of Design Digital Studios, talks about how our video scripts are getting him (and his clients) qualified leads for peanuts.

Kyle Holsey, founder of Vital Force Agency, talks about how our copy has helped him acquire more clients and get better results for his clients over the past few years.

Nathalie Brochstein Founder of Leading Clearly & Karibu.ai

Amazing ability to cut through the noise and create clear messaging that resonates with customers.

Dayo Sanya Co-Owner Of BellDial

The best in the business.

Kyle Holsey Founder Of Vital Force Agency

I've been working with them for over two years -- and I can't say enough good things about them. I actually enjoy working with them!

Umar Ahmed Founder Of Design Digital Studios

We've been able to get really good results -- like e-commerce leads for an $8k product -- leads at £2-£3 -- and leads at $1.77. The copy is really high converting!

Matt Ryan Founder of Pylot Marketing & Picture Your Day Photography

From day one, Anthony has been proactive in helping me fine-tune my advertising strategy, resulting in significant growth and higher ROI.

Melanie Langteau Founder of Milestone Portraits & Design

Their customer service was beyond amazing. They were very patient with me and even created videos to help me create ad campaigns that I knew nothing about. Don't hire anyone else if you can hire them! You will get your money's worth!

Stacy Avilla Founder of Your Blissful

I highly recommend Custom Aura, they are by far the best resource I have ever worked with or hired. They are honest, and their customer service is above and beyond the rest!

Sean K. Marketing Agency Owner

Contracted Custom Aura to write ad copy across 30 different niches. Seller was very communicative through the buying process, asking clarifying questions along the way. Delivered on time and with good quality.

electronic music productions

engaging video scripts

Amazing quality work every single time - Alonzo Gadea (Digital Marketer)

high-converting social media ads

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Know what stings? When you’ve got a great offer that people like.

It gets results. Perhaps you’ve got some cool testimonials.

But then you go to run an ad…



Leads and sales are EXPENSIVE.

Which makes you wonder how everyone else is getting results so effortlessly.

But no matter what you do or how hard you try… there’s a barrier that you can’t break through.

While others are flashing Stripe screenshots, you’re wondering where your next customer will come from.

At the end of the day, everything would change if you just had MORE leads…MORE sales…and sustainable acquisition costs.

And I’m here to tell you that it is possible IF you have a good offer that has some sales, and actually gets results.

I know this because I’ve been doing this for 7 years, and have worked on 3,000+ projects.

In fact, one of my recent clients cut their lead costs by over 50%, with a small shift to their ad copy.

Another client generated 42k with 3k ad spend, using a simple video script that had all the ‘right words’.

Here’s the deal.

We’ll audit your ads (for free) – and explain changes that can make them profitable.

Better yet, you’ll also walk away with:

-Our “Conversion Triangle” Framework. (3 simple elements that attract conversions – your copy is likely missing at least one of these.)
-Breakdown of a video ad script that generated 42k with 3k ad spend. (easy for you to model.)

Hit the [Send Message] button below and get your free audit + training.

Worst case scenario is we can’t help you, and you still walk away with some powerful insights.

Best case scenario is we can, and your offer gets the recognition it deserves.

Hit the [Send Message] button below and get your free audit + training.

Looking for more samples? Our original ad copy portfolio can be accessed using the button below. These are older samples but contain ads from over 30 niches.

immersive emails

Subject Line: There is no secret (it doesn’t exist.)


Hey {{ subscriber.first_name }},

We get it…

You’ve likely seen 1,000 offers promising to fix all of your problems with a “secret” technique that nobody knows about…


This isn’t what Lume – Pocket Mentor is. In fact…all of the training within Lume is available on YouTube for FREE.

Lume shows you the order to watch them, what to do each day, how to build your business, and what to focus on.

Is work required? Yes. Is it a magic bullet? No.

You create a solid foundation for your business (the roots.)

Then, you nurture and grow it (plants grow.)

Then, you scale it (turn it into a rainforest.)

We provide guidance and clarity at every stage of your business (there are 5.) 

If you stick with it, there is no reason you can’t build a successful business.

Come on back and get access to your Pocket Mentor-> <link>

Subject Line: bunny in the hat




Hey {{ subscriber.first_name }},

For our next trick…we’re going to pull a bunny out of a hat!

…not really. (though that sounds like fun)

You can tell from our marketing that we have nothing to hide.




Everything we state is backed up by a mountain of results.

There are no tricks. 

But we can’t blame you for thinking there is “something afoot.”



We’ve all experienced the state of the industry.

Big promises and small results. Total beginners positioning themselves as wise marketing consultants or business coaches.

The list goes on.

Yet, we haven’t done ANY of those things.

-Every promise we have is backed by actual results

-Every piece of marketing copy is using ethical persuasion strategies (no YOU need this or YOU WILL FAIL if you don’t buy this)

-And trust? Chances are, you already know of some or all of the people behind  Lume – Pocket Mentor.

The truth is, you COULD achieve what Lume – Pocket Mentorhelps you accomplish without buying a single thing.

Few marketers are going to tell you this about their offer – because they want you to look no further than their solution.

Why are we telling you this?

 Lume is a ‘shortcut’, in the sense it collapses everything into simple steps – so you know what to do and when to do tasks within your business.

There’s no longer overwhelm or confusion from not knowing what to do. You have direction, guidance, and clarity. 

…Which are things that would otherwise take months, if not years, or even decades to realize.


All the skills, mindset, and strategies you need are provided to you – so you don’t have to scour the internet.

We genuinely believe from the bottom of our hearts that if you


– follow EVERY step 

– take the time to understand EVERY training

– and put in the effort 


YOU WILL succeed.

 Lume – Pocket Mentor is your business GPS, ready to give you wise directions. You don’t have to take the long road.

And now, you have a chance to get access to Lume.

Are you in?

Come on back and get access to your Pocket Mentor-> <link>

Subject Line: The jig is up!


Hey {{ subscriber.first_name }},

Alright…the jig is up.


You’ve caught us red-handed!

…or did you?

You see – there are plenty of snakes out there – selling “solutions” that don’t actually work.

And they’ll say just about anything to get your money.

We’re not going to do that here. Why?

Because we have nothing to hide – AND we know this process works.

Just check out a few testimonials and see for yourself…




Imagine, for a second, that YOU had this much clarity.

Imagine that YOU had a step-by-step guide to building a business (from $0)

Nobody is saying that building a business is easy. But with Lume – Pocket Mentor, you know what you need to do, and when you need to do it.

There’s no “what do I need to do?” or “why isn’t this working?” anymore…

The exact skills and processes you need are now in your pocket.

Come on back and get access to your Pocket Mentor-> <link>

Subject Line: The price of wisdom 




Hey {{ subscriber.first_name }},


Wisdom is not free.


Far from it.

Because wisdom takes time to be realized.

Could be a day. Could be a year. Could be 50 years.

Why is this important? Because so many people are trying to start and scale online businesses – and they are absolutely lost.

They have no idea what to do.



They don’t have the means to “trial and error” their way to the top.

Therefore…getting the wisdom that creates success is going to be very hard or impossible.

What if the timeframe was COLLAPSED for you…

And instead, you just knew what to do, even if you haven’t built a successful business yet?

A business is built by doing the right things, at the right time, with guidance from people you can trust.

 Lume – Pocket Mentor serves as your wisdom and North Star.

…Guiding you every step of the way, as you build a business that supports the life you desire.

Work is required. But you know that every ounce of effort you put in is going towards the right thing, at the right time.

That…is what Lume does for you – without any “gotchas” or shenanigans.

Just check out this testimonial:



Ready to start or scale your business?

Come on back and get access to your Pocket Mentor-> <link>

Subject Line: The $9,999/month business


Hey {{ subscriber.first_name }},

Do you have a niggling feeling that something is a bit off with your business?

Nothing ever seems to be quite “right.”

There are always some unknowns.

It’s not clear what the “next step” or “next stage” is…

And honestly: there’s always someone promising crazy results for 5 seconds of effort.

What if you had a GPS… And instead of telling you where to turn to get to Wendy’s…

It told you the next step to complete within your business.

And…exactly how to complete that step with training.

Do you think you’d have the clarity and confidence required to reach the level you want?

This is exactly what Lume is in a nutshell.

A GPS. A Map. A beacon that is always pointing you to the next thing, in the right direction, at the right time.

How much is that worth to you?

Because right now, it’s just <price>

Come on back and get access to your Pocket Mentor-> <link>

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