Want to know the “secret” to writing content that works? 💡

> I call it the “90-degree milestone.”

Let me explain:

The principle is very simple.

I broke my kneecap not too long ago (ouch). And to cut a long story short: I needed to get two surgeries.

Up until the second surgery (which was about 3 months from the date of the injury), I was only allowed 30 degrees of range.

That’s….not a lot. That’s hardly a bend! Most people need 70-90 degrees just to drive a car…
(side note: you REALLY don’t notice how much you bend your limbs daily until you’re not able to)

When you are not bending your knee for this long, it gets stiff. Real stiff. The tissue “locks.”

If you try to bend, it feels like something is going to snap.

To “unlock” it again, you need weeks of Physical Therapy.

I only had about 30 degrees of range in my first session. Which meant: I had a loooonnnnngggg way to go.

To say I felt intimidated was a massive understatement.

My physical therapist mentioned “the 90 degree milestone” many times, as that would mark significant progress.

Slowly but surely, through each session, I was making progress. After about a week, I was able to drive again!

Within a few weeks… I hit the 90-degree milestone

It didn’t SEEM like I was making progress at first, because of how little range I had.

It wasn’t until I kept going through the process that I started to SEE a change.

And that’s what “the 90-degree milestone” actually is. It’s when you’ve gone through a process long enough to see results.
It could be anything. Weight loss. Getting your first sale or client.

Once you hit that goal, that milestone, you realize that everything you did previously led to this — and that it wasn’t all pointless.

Content works the same way. Like a muscle, it’s not something that is built overnight.

It’s built over time as you perfect your message, improve your writing, and better understand your audience.

You are not going to reach the finish line overnight. It’s going to take time to test, find your voice, and discover what works for your specific business.

One thing is for sure: If you only post once or a handful of times, you’ll never get there.

There are no secrets.

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