Whether I’m writing a story post or an ad for a $25,000 gaming table…the core principles are the same.

They don’t change.

What’s more interesting is once you understand what these are…you see them everywhere. They can dramatically change the way you look at copywriting. This applies to a lot of content as well that is SELLING something (whether it’s a simple exchange of an idea – or an exchange of value.)

Allow me to introduce The Conversion Triangle.

The basic fundamental idea of copywriting is to lead with outcomes. Ultimately, people don’t want what you are selling. *gasp*

They want the OUTCOME of what you’re selling…

If they had it their way, they would be able to instantly get the result without a product or method.

…but you can’t snap your fingers and have all your wishes come true.

The next best thing is to persuade them that your offer is the bridge between where they are right now and what they want.

And that’s where The Conversion Triangle comes into play.

You may have seen these expressed in different ways. This is the way I find the easiest and what I teach my students.

There are 3 elements that we need to express in our copy somewhere.

1) TT – The Thing. What is the TANGIBLE THING that they are getting? E-book? Physical product?

2) TB – The Benefit. What is the BENEFIT of the thing that they are getting? Weight loss? More leads/sales?

3) TM – The Meaning. What is the MEANING of the BENEFIT that they are getting? This is what a ton of people miss (and it’s the most relatable aspect of your offer.) You see… People don’t just want more sales. There is a reason they want more sales. Perhaps it’s a confidence thing. Perhaps it’s peace of mind.

There is a reality that they have envisioned – and The Meaning is a depiction of that reality. “Imagine never having to care about the price of most products ever again. You can just buy it without thinking twice. ‘More sales’ is more than just money going into your bank account. It’s FREEDOM. The ability to live your life without the anxiety of ‘can I afford this?’”

All of these 3 elements form THE OUTCOME – TO.

Let’s put it all together, shall we?

>This is more than a twisty puzzle. (TT)
>It’s a challenge that’ll unlock your mind and reveal just how clever you really are. (TB)
>That finishing move where all the colors connect is going to be so satisfying…you’re going to want to solve it over and over and over again. (TM)

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